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Now you can argue with your mates down the pub with confidence, if someone's talking crap about carbon dioxide or fails to understand the global cooling scare of the 1970's just point at your quality Fruit Of The Loom cotton tee shirt and someone will look it up. Guaranteed to be interesting. This page works on a donate and receive a gift principle. The links will take you to paypal where you can donate and leave a message telling me what you would like. Make sure you leave your address. All donated sums include worldwide postage. Please make it clear which size tee shirts you would like. S/M/L/XL/XL2 and the quantity. If you wanted 3 tee shirts please donate £75, you will then be able to tell me the sizes required, your address and leave me a message too.

Donate £25 and receive this gift


Quality china cups.


Donate £7.50 and receive this gift

Harlem laptop backpack


14in polyester laptop bag 600d. Strong and lightweight
Donate £40 and receive this gift

Robust polyester cushions


35.5 cm by 35.5cm
Donate £25 and receive this gift